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Study courses at the German Aerospace Academy

The German Aerospace Academy (ASA) is an institute of the internationally highly renowned Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB) – an academic university with the right to confer doctoral degrees. ASA mainly focuses on training and education 

while working at the same time. Its professional focus is on aeronautical engineering, satellite technology, aerospace engineering, lightweight constructions, manufacturing 

technologies and management. Furthermore, the broader field of the application of the addressed technologies, such as satellite navigation, remote sensing, earth observation, planetology and robotics is also included.

With this study program, the ASA wants to address small and medium-sized enterprises in order to improve their capacity for innovation and to counteract the lack of workers in the field of engineering. The ASA also accounts for the international orientation of the important sectors like the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, energy technology, mechanical and industrial engineering.

Experts from universities, higher education institutions, research institutes or corporations with excellent research and development experiences are appointed by the ASA. Several partners could be won: the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy at the University of Stuttgart, research institutes of the DLR, the Fraunhofer Society, the Alliance of fiber-based materials, the Virtual Dimension Center Fellbach and the EADS-Astrium.

The ASA offers dual, i.e. career-integrated and practice-oriented bachelor and master study programs for students who work full-time in a company or research institute.

In all ASA study courses a scientific competence project plays a central role. The students work on this project in an industrial company or a research facility and use it for their master thesis. The project will be supervised by the company itself as well as by teachers of the ASA. Already at the beginning of the study program, students will come to an agreement with the teachers and the company concerning the project the student will work on throughout the course of studies. With this competence project, knowledge transfer will be promoted so that all participants, i.e. the students, the companies and the teachers can profit. The maximum of students per study course is limited to 20, thus enabling and ensuring an intensive and individual supervision of each participant.

Master study courses

The master study courses at the ASA are interesting for

  • people with a bachelor’s degree who want to advance their education and want to start their professional career in the industry at the same time
  • people with a bachelor’s degree, who want to gain experience in the industry and abroad while they expand their qualifications
  • employees in corporations who want to improve their career chances with a master’s degree of high quality
  • corporations that want to open up new perspectives for their lead performers
  • corporations that want to gain young and talented employees

The ASA supports career entrants with their search for a compatible company.

The master study courses of the ASA are all offered in English. This is due to the fact that the business language of most of the industries the students and graduates will work in is English – be it documentation-wise or in negotiations. In the process of internationalization it is another advantage to be able to include students who know little or nothing about German. All master degree courses consist of a stay abroad that can vary according to the study model between one week and one year. In this respect, the ASA can resort to the international network of the Steinbeis association.

The standard period of study of the ASA master degree courses is two years. The ASA study course is characterized by its knowledge transfer in small groups and an intensive, individual supervision of the students. This is why the standard period of study can be followed. For a master’s degree one has to obtain 120 credit points. They consist of seminars, tutorials and knowledge transfer studies such as the competence project and the master thesis. Over two years, teaching requires a total of 100 days of attendance that are subdivided into a couple of one-week compact courses and once or twice a month into two connected seminar days (Friday and Saturday).

The following master courses are offered:

  • Master of Engineering – „Aerospace Engineering and Lightweight Technologies“
  • Double Degree Master’s Program:
            -     Master of Engineering of the Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin (SHB)
    „Aerospace Engineering and Lightweight Technologies“
             -    Master of Science of the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM)
    “Manufacturing Systems”

Flyer Master of Engineering
Flyer Double-Degree Master´s Program

Bachelor degree courses

The ASA develops competence study courses while working full-time that are completed with a Bachelor of Engineering. These study programs are aimed at employees who want to prepare for an engineer job in the aerospace industry or related areas such as automotive industry, energy technology or machine and industrial engineering.

The standard period of study of the ASA bachelor degree courses is three years.

A bachelor degree course at the ASA is characterized by teaching in small groups as well as an intensive and individual supervision of students. This is why the completion of the degree within the standard period of study is very likely to be achieved. A bachelor degree course can be completed with 180 credit points. Seminars, tutorials as well as knowledge transfer studies, such as the competence project and the bachelor thesis, all contribute to the required credit points. Over three years, teaching requires a total of 80 days of attendance that are subdivided into a couple of one-week compact courses and once a month into two connected seminar days (Friday and Saturday).
Planned start of studies is autumn 2013. Prospective students can register.

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