Master of Engineering – “Aerospace Engineering and Lightweight Technologies”


This master study course prepares students for a career in engineering in the aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering industry or in related industries.

The basics that are important for the development, production and operation of systems of the aerospace industry or other important lightweight construction applications are taught in the first study section which is obligatory for all students. The curriculum addressed topics of technology as well as management topics. In the second study section, the students have the opportunity to decide their area of specialization, whether it is aeronautical engineering, aerospace engineering, or lightweight construction in order to gain expertise in one of these fields.

Begin:                                                     Autumn 2013
Duration:                                                 2 years
Course Language:                                   English
Max. number of participants:               20
Assessment:                                         Bachelor’s degree in engineering or physics, mathematics or related
                                                                 sciences as well as the required knowledge of the English language.


  • If you are interested in more information, please contact us: We will be pleased to advise you personally.
  • We support you in your search for an compatible company and the development of an exciting topic for your competence project.
  • Applications for this study course are possible at any time. Prospective students can register any time.


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