Bachelor Study Courses


The ASA develops job-integrated competence study courses that lead to the Bachelor of Engineering for employees who want to have a career in engineering in the aerospace industry or other related fields such as the automotive industry, energy technology or industrial engineering.

The standard period of study of the ASA bachelor degree courses is 3 years.

Planned beginning of this course is in autumn 2013.

Studying at the ASA is characterized by the knowledge transfer in small groups and an intensive, individual supervision of the students. This is why the standard period of study can be followed. For a bachelor’s degree one has to obtain 180 credit points. They consist of seminars, tutorials and knowledge transfer studies such as the competence project and the bachelor thesis. Over three years, teaching requires a total of 80 days of attendance that are subdivided into a couple of one-week compact courses and once a month into two connected seminar days (Friday and Saturday).

Bachelor of Engineering

Currently, a bachelor degree course with the specialization possibilities in aerospace engineering, in lightweight construction and manufacturing engineering is being developed. In this job-integrated bachelor degree course the basics and the methods of engineering are being taught. Through specializing in the aerospace technology, lightweight construction or manufacturing engineering, the students can prepare themselves for a [...]

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