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Successful state campaign by the German Aerospace Academy for re-entering M.I.N.T. careers after a family-related career break continues.

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Given the lack of skilled labor, the Ministry of Finance and Economics has assigned the conception and execution of the state pilot project “WING” in 2011 – a project that aims to improve the general conditions for re-entering engineering careers after a family-related career break.

The project was very successful, not least thanks to the committed support of numerous industry associations, the Center for Women and Career, the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), multiple economic development companies and the employment agency.

Out of 27 applicants for the practical phase within a company, 24 could be placed and 15 are now permanently employed (status as of January 2013).

After the huge success of the pilot project, different modules of the concept of the past pilot project have been further developed, the range has been broadened to the whole field of engineering and the advisory services have been significantly increased.

The ASA continues WING – the next round starts in the autumn of 2013 – 30 women can participate.

Applications can be submitted from now on. After the application and selection process every woman develops a personal competence profile in several stages with the help of a professional.

The ASA continues, among other things, the proven cooperation with 11 Centers for Women and Career. In different courses the women will be trained to enhance their competences in order to render their applications successful. For these trainings distinguished experts from the industry could be won.

With specifically for the target group of women returners developed Steinbeis certificate courses, the women will be prepared for their future role as engineers in a team.

For both rounds the course “Project management in the field of engineering” will be offered. Additionally, the ASA and renowned speakers offer more advanced seminars, certificate courses or the entrance into a master study course.

In meetings with representatives of the German Association of Women Engineers (dib) the participants have the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with other women working full-time.

Another important platform are the round tables of companies that serve as meeting point and for networking. This is how women will gain an impression about the fields of engineering and potential job areas from different perspectives.

Next comes a practical phase in a suitable company close by for at least 6 months under expert guidance – a step which is crucial for the re-entry of the women. A transfer study can be done as well.

After completing the project both the ASA and the company issue a participation certificate and formulate a reference. In case of successful participation in the certificate course the participants receive a higher education certificate. The transfer study leads to the professional title of certified project manager in the field of engineering.

The consulting of the ASA will be different from the process in the pilot project as it will be extended to both rounds, i.e. the practical phase of the women in order to enable an even better handling of their specific needs in a new life situation.

The majority of the 260.000 euro that the re-entry program costs is financed by the Ministry. The participants are charged with a fee of 750 euro (plus tax). The companies contribute to the coverage of costs of the qualification program with 750 euro (plus tax).

Application deadline for the WING project: Applications from now on until the 30th of October 2013

Following events are offered to get more information about the project:

Information event:
24th of September 2013 2pm-5.30pm at ASA 


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