Re-entry into M.I.N.T. careers for women academics – WING

  • You want to return to your job after a career break?
  • You are university-educated and have a technical or scientific background?

→ then the German Aerospace Academy is the right partner for you!

Our success record for the satisfaction of our previous participants:

  • we have an extensive network
  • we prepare you individually for your re-entry
  • we advise and recommend you
  • we accompany you during your re-entry and the practical phase

If we have aroused your interest, then please consult/refer to our current state campaign for a career re-entry in the engineering field after a family-related career break and contact us!

Pilotprogramm WING- abgeschlossen

Das Potenzial von Fachkräften mit MINT-Qualifikationen für die Wirtschaft in Baden-Württemberg ist längst in den Fokus auf dem Arbeitsmarkt gerückt. Daher spielen qualifizierte Angebote zur Unterstützung der zahlreichen gut ausgebildeten Ingenieurinnen, die nach Elternzeit oder Tätigkeit in anderen Bereichen wieder zeitnah in das Berufsleben zurückkehren wollen, eine wichtige Rolle. Zum einen lässt sich durch die [...]

Project Re-entry W.I.N.G. for women engineers and scientists – register now!

Successful state campaign by the German Aerospace Academy for re-entering M.I.N.T. careers after a family-related career break continues. Register now! Given the lack of skilled labor, the Ministry of Finance and Economics has assigned the conception and execution of the state pilot project “WING” in 2011 – a project that aims to improve the general [...]