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TransNetAero – Europe’s aerospace centers launch together!

Europe’s aerospace industry is positioned internationally and relocates increasingly larger parts of the supplier chain to emerging countries for a number of years now. Countries like Mexico or China that dispose of a well-trained and highly motivated labor force on a low wage level, more and more gain prominence as a production location – to the detriment of European suppliers.

Most of the small and medium-sized companies do not only work as suppliers for the aerospace industry but also for the automotive industries and other related sectors in which similar tendencies can be observed. This is why it is very important to strengthen the SMEs’ competitiveness. For this to happen there must be a promotion of the network of the small and medium-sized enterprises and an enhancement of their competences.

Given this background, the ASA has started the INTERREG initiative TransNetAero in cooperation with five aerospace regions in Northwest Europe in order to strengthen the medium-sized aerospace industry. Within the framework of this three-year project the network of these regions will be encouraged by the participation of the regional aerospace cluster as well as internationally renowned educational institutions. Headed by the ASA, they will also develop a Europe-wide, extra occupational education and training program.

Figures, data and facts:

  • Application:                             11/2011
  • Project Period:                        09/2012 – 08/2015
  • Project Budget:                       2.4 million euro
  • EU-Subsidy:                            50% from the EFRE Fond, INTERREG IV B
  • No. of Partners:                      6
  • Countires:                                DE, UK, FR, NL, CH, BE
  • Project Management:            German Aerospace Academy

Partner and subpartner

  • German Aerospace Academy (DE)
    • Forum Aerospace Baden-Wuerttemberg
    • Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB)
    • Industry Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Swiss Aerospace Cluster (CH)
    • University of St. Gallen, Center of Aviation Competence
    • ETH Zurich, Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry
  • Midlands Aerospace Alliance (UK)
  • Netherlands Aerospace Group (NL)
  • Centre Spatial de Liège (BE)
    • Université de Liège
    • SKYWIN Aerospace Cluster of Wallonie
  • CESI (FR)
    • Normandie AeroEspace
    • EMC2, Cluster for complex composites


  • Increase the innovative capacity and competitiveness of the supplier industry and especially SME
  • Access to key customers and their requirements
  • Knowledge and technology transfer from research facilities to the industry and vice versa
  • Development of high-class training programs
  • Attracting and securing skilled staff for aerospace


  • Identify R&D institutions and companies and create centers of excellence
  • Support strategic realignment and roadmaps
  • Develop extra-occupational certification courses and European Aerospace Master’s program
  • Major events in the member regions to showcase competences and raise awareness of the industry
  • Establish a transnational aerospace network

Work package 1 | Transnational business plans & technology roadmaps for SMEs

  • Lead: Midlands Aerospace Alliance (UK)
  • Actions:
    • Identification of excellence centers in R&D institutes and industry of each of the regional aerospace industries with their particular market and research knowledge
    • Generation of individual business plans and technology roadmaps for SMEs in compliance with customer needs
    • Provide access to transnational R&D excellence centers
    • Transparency of customer needs in order to gain access to the global network of value chains

Work package 2 | Transnational certificate courses and EU Aerospace Master’s degree on the basis of the know-how of excellence centers

  • Lead: German Aerospace Academy (DE)
  • Actions:
    • Identification of know-how needs and gaps in the value chain
    • Strategy team for the selection of contents and lecturers
    • Development of a job-integrated and practice-oriented certificate courses in all member regions
    • Development of a job-integrated and practice-oriented Aerospace Master’s degree
    • Establishment of an award for the top three graduates

Work package 3 | Platform for transnational innovations and cooperation

  • Lead: CESI Nord Ouest (FR)
  • Actions:
    • Events with B2B meetings and workshops in all regions
    • Platform for the exchange for SMEs: “SME meets EU” B2B meetings
    • Roadmap for the future of the aerospace industry in NWE
    • Platform for the cooperation and consulting for innovation management across industries and companies

Project Management

German Aerospace Academy – ASA

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Monika Auweter-Kurtz
Project Manager & Director ASA

Dominik Schleicher, B.Sc.
Projectcoordinator and

German Aerospace Academy – ASA
Konrad-Zuse-Platz 1
D-71034 Böblingen
Phone: +49 (0)7031 / 306975-80


Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart


Responsible for project coordination and communication management is Dominik Schleicher. You are welcome to contact him for all questions concerning TransNetAero via phone +49 (0)7031/306975-80 or email

Project Website

For further information and news on the project TransNetAero please visit the project website

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