Steinbeis University Berlin

Formed in 1998, the state accredited Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB) is a private organization of higher education that offers students and company employees work-integrated, practice-oriented courses as well as applied sciences problem solving. The university’s portfolio of educational programs includes certified training courses, college level degrees, as well as doctorates. The German Aerospace Academy is a sister school of the Steinbeis University Berlin.

The SHB is part of the international Steinbeis association which concentrates on relaying knowledge and technology effectively. Steinbeis offers a variety of services, including but not limited to, consulting, research and development, education and analytics in management and technology areas.

Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH                                               

The Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH actively supports applied researches and focuses on research methods, contract research and cooperative research. Additionally, the corporation aims to establish and maintain research institutes and similar facilities; to generate scientific knowledge and to synthesize applied and practical research. It also promotes the education of technical and scientific workforce. The German Aerospace Academy is a facility of the Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH.

Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Wuerttemberg       

Forum LRBW represents the aerospace industry in Baden-Wuerttemberg and provides the link between members of business, sciences, and politics as well as other like-minded individuals. Forum LRBW encourages national and international economic pipelines. Through a cooperation contract with the University of Stuttgart, the DLR, the Steinbeis Foundation and other research facilities, collaboration between the science sector and  corporations is increased. The German Aerospace Academy is a trusted partner of the Forum LRBW.

Steinbeis Transferzentrum

Aerospace Technology and Application (ASA)
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70569  Stuttgart
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