Cooperating with the “Women in M.I.N.T. Careers” Initiative

This national initiative aims to improve opportunity and employment for women in the M.I.N.T. (mathematics, information and computer studies, natural sciences and technology) fields through development of stronger interest, education and career opportunities. The control group, supported by a body of experts, develops and implements the strategies of this initiative.

ASA is particularly supportive of re-entry programs for women after a break in their careers.

Supporting the set-up of a test laboratory for satellite navigation (SatLab)

Through the provision of a high-quality simulation and test infrastructure, the SatLab encourages the development of Galileo innovations. The test and simulation environment enables a cost-effective and early development of Galileo applications and devices. The provision of this unique infrastructure closes the gap between the idea and its application. It thus enables small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford a similar test and simulation environment to get active in the field of satellite navigation and to develop new competencies. ASA actively supports the realization of the SatLab in the Forum 1 at the Flugfeld Sindelfingen/Böblingen. 

Participating in the Network of European Regions Active in Space (NEREUS)

ASA is the national representative in the educational sector of the NEREUS Network.

Space Travel Summer School

ASA regularly organizes summer school programs on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Baden-Württemberg. Students are asked to solve a variety of problems, for example: How is a satellite effectively transported into orbit or onto Mars, and how can it safely land on Earth afterwards? Students build rockets and visit the test site in Lampoldshausen and the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart. In addition to being able to interact with researchers, students can learn from workshop employees about the challenging ‘how-to’ of building a rocket.

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