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The aerospace industry is the driving power behind new technology. Pioneering technologies originate throughout corporations and scientific facilities in this industry. All of these products must meet demanding quality requirements and have to function properly even under extreme conditions. Naturally, this requires a highly qualified staff.

ASA is an institute of the Steinbeis University Berlin and its primary aim is to offer college degrees that can be taken while working full-time. These college degrees range from bachelor degree courses to doctoral studies. ASA also offers professional certificates and seminars for a variety of qualification levels and educational backgrounds. Being the innovation center of the Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH, ASA also offers technical education and management courses while promoting equal opportunity in the industry. ASA develops projects addressing topics such as career re-entry after long-term absence and alternative career advancement opportunities for older employees.

Demand-oriented services and platforms for the exchange of experiences complement the portfolio of ASA – performances that help increase competitiveness in the aerospace industry.

The promotion of young scientists is of high priority at ASA. All students enrolled in ASA programs are highly interested in the aerospace industry and have the opportunity to broaden their skills with additional courses. ASA regularly offers a summer school in order to get more high school students involved and interested in the aerospace industry.

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