This course provides a profound understanding of Gas Turbine Performance based on gas turbine theory and practical experience in designing, developing and testing gas turbines as well as on in-service experience.

It is tailored to aero engine applications, though performance characteristics of gas turbines for power generation will be addressed as well:

  • Engine thermodynamics understanding
  • Selection of the thermodynamic gas turbine cycle
  • Steady state and transient Gas Turbine Performance
  • Application of engine controls
  • Methods for steady state and transient Gas Turbine Performance analysis.

This 5 day short course gives an insight into state of the art methodologies, technologies and its applications in Gas Turbine Performance covering a selected range of key topics associated with practical experience in this field.

The Short Course in Gas Turbine Performance will cover following main topics:

  • Thermodynamic basics
  • Performance maps
  • Cycle selection
  • Steady state performance
  • Ratings
  • Margins
  • Trimming
  • Transient performance
  • Controls
  • Instrumentation and testing
  • Test analysis
  • Monitoring

Module 1

  • Thermodynamic basics of Gas Turbine Performance
  • How Performance programs work
  • Design point and cycle choice

Module 2

  • Steady state performance and Non-dimensional margins
  • Pass Off testing and trimming

Module 3

  • Transient performance Gas Turbine Controls
  • Control systems

Module 4

  • Steady state analysis
  • Rake checking
  • Model based test analysis
  • Monitoring

Module 5

  • Transient analysis
  • Instrumentation
  • Rig and engine testing

Target Audience
Target group are graduate engineers and advanced engineers, but also professionals and managers who are interested in gaining or in further developing their knowledge in the field of Gas Turbine Performance. Thus, the course is equally suitable for both specialists as well as for newcomers in this domain.

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Berns
Managing Director
BERNS Engineering Ltd.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Staudacher
Director of the Institute of Aircraft Propulsion Systems,
Stuttgart University

Dr. Wolfgang Berns
Managing Director
Various former positions in performance and controls of
turbojet engines and power plant gas turbines,
BERNS Engineering Ltd.

Dr. Michael Bauer
Team Leader Functional Systems Integration,
MTU Aero Engines GmbH

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Fiola
Head of Functional Systems Engineering,
Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd. & Co. KG

All instructors have an extensive track record in their fields of expertise gained at world-leading gas turbine manufactures in the course of the last 20 years. Today they have senior positions in aerospace companies or they lead highly acknowledged University Institutes, aiming for a close cooperation between the aviation industry and research institutions at the universities.


Complete Course 3.500,- Euro plus tax

The fee includes lunch, coffee/tea and biscuits during breaks
Course language in english


10-14  June 2013


10  May 2013

FLYER Gas Turbine Performance

REGISTRATION FORM Application Gas Turbine Performance June 2013

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