2015/06/23 LRBW Workshop

LRBW Workshop: Adaption of strategic business plans in the aerospace industry based on Tier 1 requirements

The changing supply chain within the aerospace industry is opening up opportunities as well as challenges. Living up to those potentials and new requirements will determine suppliers’ future success. The Forum Aerospace Baden Württemberg offers a workshop aiming to target those opportunities and challenges by bringing together Tier 1 system provider and respective Tier n suppliers.

Objective of the workshop
Exchange on how strategic business plans have to be improved and which requirements have to be fulfilled

Target group
SME Supplier within the aerospace industry
SME Supplier which like to join the aerospace industry

Registration & Fees
The workshop is free of charge due to ERDF funding through INTERREG IV B. Please send your registration to:

see also: http://transnetaero.eu/

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